Tips to Selling for Top Dollar

During our listing consultation our team will go through your home thoroughly inside and out and talk about what things can be done to make sure you home will sell for top dollar. Of course this will depend on how much you are able and willing to do to the home with the time and funds available, but there is always small or big things that can be done to boost your selling power and our job is to use our professional experience and opinion on what works in our current market!

Please check out our handy sellers check list as well, but some of our basic suggestions to improve the visual affect of the home for the buyers are below!

  1. Let in the Light! Open the curtains and shades to let in as much light as possible to every room of the home.
  2. Clean, Clean, Clean!!!! The cleaner the home the more it appears to be a well cared for home to a buyer.  Do a through deep cleaning prior to the listing of your home OR depending on the listing fee you choose our team provides professional cleanings if that is something you feel would be best for you!
  3. Repairs/Replace: You want to make sure you repair or replace anything in the home that is not working or noticeably broken. The less opportunity you give the buyer to see or find issues with the home the better. Being proactive here could save you time and money come inspection time.
  4. Staging: This can be simply be adding, moving or removing furniture in the home to make the home feel as open as possible. The flow and functionality of each space can be a crucial selling point for buyers!
  5. De-clutter!!!!- This is a huge one! The more open and de-cluttered the home is the bigger it will appear to buyers. People always want more for their money so if there is a ton of clutter sometimes it is hard for buyers to look past the clutter and envision themselves in the home! Removing even personal photos from the fridge walls and tabletops is best bet here as well.
  6. Curb Appeal: First impressions are EVERYTHING!!! So making sure the landscaping is well groomed, paint is fresh and clean, lights are on, pops of color in plants and flowers are great options.  If the home seems inviting as soon as they pull up can really make or break a deal. If they love the look from the moment they pull up, more than likely that will set the tone for how they will view the rest of the home so its important to make that first impression count!
  7. Pets: If you have pets, it is honestly best if you make it seem as if you didn’t at all. Even if your home smells of roses, often times if a buyer sees a cat or a dog or a dog create or toys they will  often think they smell the animals even if the smells do not exists. So arrange a place for the pets to stay during showings and make sure all their belongings are stowed out of sight.
  8. Don’t Stay!: If you are home and a showing is requested it is best that the home be shown when it is empty. You don’t want the buyers to feel awkward walking through the home while you are there.  Maybe turn on some light music, have soft wax scent going in the melter and leave the lights on making the sowing experience as memorable for the buyer as possible!
Tips to Selling Your Home for Top Dollar